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Black Oak Ranch Owner

Meet Joel

Joel, the proud owner of Black Oak Ranch, comes from humble beginnings as a small-town kid in rural Missouri. Growing up in the heart of the countryside, he developed a deep love for farming, ranching, and the great outdoors. The simple joys of working the land and nurturing a connection with nature shaped his childhood and have remained with him throughout his life.

Today, Joel is a successful entrepreneur and accomplished real estate developer. His journey from his small-town origins to his thriving ventures is a testament to his unwavering determination and innovative spirit. With a passion for turning visions into reality, Joel approaches every project with enthusiasm, leveraging his unique insights and expertise to create transformative spaces.

Faith and family are the core pillars of Joel’s life. As a devoted follower of Jesus Christ, he finds inspiration and guidance in his beliefs, infusing them into every aspect of his work. Above all, Joel treasures his role as a father, cherishing every moment spent with his children and nurturing in them an appreciation for nature and the values he holds dear.

Beyond business, Joel’s love for animals knows no bounds. From the ordinary to the exotic, he extends his compassion to creatures of all kinds, embodying a commitment to the well-being of all living things that perfectly aligns with the ethos of Black Oak Ranch.

With Joel at the helm, Black Oak Ranch transcends being just a place; it becomes a reflection of his life’s journey, his values, and his unwavering dedication to fostering healthy businesses and creating a harmonious coexistence with the natural world. His vision and passion promise an exciting future for Black Oak Ranch, where every aspect of its operation is infused with the love, care, and expertise of a man who knows the true beauty of life in the countryside.

Black Oak Ranch Staff

Meet Cassondra

Cassondra has twenty-three years of horse experience, starting when she was just 11 years old. She has worked and groomed for many large show barns in the Kansas City area over the years and also has experience in a variety of disciplines from 4-H, Arabians, to currently Dressage. Cassondra owns a now retired thoroughbred and an up-and-coming 3-year-old Warmblood filly who will be her next Dressage horse.

Between her experience with horses and sixteen years in the medical field, she can provide top care with attention to detail and a love of organization. She takes pride in her work and treats every horse as if it were her own. Good communication is one of her top priorities as well as availability should any concerns arise.

“I look forward to you allowing me the privilege to care for your four-legged children!” - Cassondra

Black Oak Ranch
Lone Jack, Missouri

Black Oak Ranch

Black Oak Ranch is located just outside southeast Kansas City in Lone Jack, Missouri. It is convenient property offering exceptional amenities. This facility boasts top-tier horse boarding services, both indoor and outdoor equine training arenas, and a stunning property that leaves a lasting impression.

The name "Black Oak Ranch" pays homage to Lone Jack's rich history, specifically the iconic "blackjack oak tree."

Private Stall Boarding

A brief bit of Lone Jack history

Lone Jack, Missouri. Some of the earliest stories of "Lone Jack" can be traced back to a significant battle that unfolded in the area on August 16, 1862 — a pivotal event during the American Civil War.

Missouri was a border state during the Civil War, and grappled with divided loyalties, resulting in frequent clashes between Union and Confederate forces. In the summer of 1862, a band of Confederate guerrillas, led by William Clarke Quantrill, devised a plan to attack the Union-held town of Independence, Missouri.

However, Union forces got wind of the Confederate guerrillas' presence, prompting a detachment of approximately 250 soldiers under the leadership of Major Emory S. Foster to embark from Warrensburg to intercept them. The two factions clashed in proximity to a small town known as Lone Jack, aptly named after a prominent blackjack oak tree in the vicinity.

The Battle of Lone Jack ensued, characterized by intense combat spanning the entire day. Ultimately, the Confederate guerrillas managed to overpower the Union troops, compelling the Union forces to retreat. The town itself suffered considerable damage during the battle, becoming forever entwined with this historic event.

The name "Lone Jack" became forever linked to both the battle and the town where it unfolded. Over time, the town formally adopted the name "Lone Jack," serving as a lasting reminder of the Civil War's impact on the region.

The precise origin of the name "Lone Jack" before the Civil War battle remains somewhat unclear. While the battle indeed transpired near a small town named Lone Jack, various accounts exist regarding why the town itself received this moniker. A popular theory says that "Lone Jack" draws its name from a solitary blackjack oak tree that prominently graced the area. This tree, affectionately known as "Lone Jack," purportedly served as a landmark for travelers and locals, eventually bestowing its name upon the nearby town.

Today, the quaint and thriving little town of Lone Jack, Missouri, stands as a testament to its historical legacy. It serves as a poignant reminder of the profound impact of the Civil War on the region but lives far beyond that legacy.

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